Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Truth that Sets me Free

"Satan's ultimate lie is that you are capable of being the god of your own life, and his ultimate bondage is getting you to live as though his lie is truth."
~ Neil Anderson ~

Our Tuesday morning Bible Study is currently doing a study on the "Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free". I am using Nancy Leigh DeMoss's book as a reference. (the book is excellent and I would highly recommend it)

During our first week we looked at the creation of woman and how Satan was able to trap her in believing the "lie". He is still trying to use this method of operation today.

Satan deceived Eve through a clever combination of outright lies, half-truths, and falsehoods disguised as truth. He began by planting seeds of doubt in her mind about what God had actually said (“Did God really say….?”)

In Genesis 3, right at the beginning he questions God
He questions the word of God. He questions his truthfulness, the meaning, the motives, implying that God has some secret plan and so on. He twists the meaning: He said, “Has God indeed said” (verse 3:1)

What God had said (Gen. 2:16-17) actually came in the positive.

He deliberately misrepresented the character and the command of God. He made it seem as if God didn't care.

Next he not only mis-quote’s God’s word but he contradicts it. (Compare Gen. 2:17 with Gen. 3:4)

Than in verse 5 he gives her a partial truth.

Eve was deceived. In verse 6, She “saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise”

He appealed to what seemed right at the moment.

Like with Eve, Satan does not come head on and say to me "you can be like god", therefore believe this. Instead he starts by questioning the truth. He plants seeds of doubt. I than begin to question the character of God, and once I am questioning His character I have opened myself up (like Eve) to believe the lie.

God's Word is truth. The more time I spend reading, studying, meditating, and praying God's word the more I know his character and the truth. The more I know Him!

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."John 8:32

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Amydeanne said...

Great post! And so true. The more I read the bible, the more I learn about what really is right.

Christine said...

I love the whole topic of Eve in relation to this quote. She was deceived as we are, or can be, every hour of every day. Thanks for sharing your take on this quote!

Susanne said...

Amazing, this is exactly what we were talking about in ladies bible study last night. Not Eve but the fact that the more you know Him the more you will know truth. Thanks for just reconfirming everything we learned.

Becky said...

He still uses the same tactics. You would think that we could see it coming.

Janis Rodgers said...

I LOVE that book! It is awesome from start to finish! Thanks for your wonderful post today! It really blessed me!

Cyndi said...

I love this book, and it completely transformed my thinking several years ago when it came out. Satan still comes to me and says "Did God really say... to homeschool? To stay home with your kids? To keep that old car instead of getting a new one? To serve in that ministry?...." and on and on and on. We are put in the position of Eve every single day, as women. Praise God that we have something she didn't- the indwelling Holy Spirit.

What a great post and a reminder that I want to go back through that book. Thank you so much for posting this.