Friday, June 29, 2007


Happy Birthday Hunter! You make my mother's heart smile everyday with your hugs and the twinkle in your eyes. I am so thankful to God for blessing my life with YOU! I never want to forget this season of your life with those long skinny arms and legs and a waist that barely holds your britches. Your songs of praise melt our heart and we all love to hear you pray! Our prayer is that you will continue to grow in Godly wisdom and that you would have a deep hunger to know God and His Word.
Happy Birthday! Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

10 reasons I have not posted in the last 10 days!!

10. Sunshine and a birthday party for a soon to be seven year old.

9. Grandma (my mom) was here for a week. We ate too much of this

8. Soar Throat, cough, achy and plenty of rest. (I had to miss some of the VBS fun, but I was thankful for the rest)

7. Vacation Bible School

6. And all the sunglasses & flip-flop decorating that took place at the kitchen table. There was also a treasure hunt throughout our house for lost coins. (my kids were on their own mission to gather as much coin as possible to give to the 1000 Wells Mission project again this year)

5. Baseball, Softball, Baseball and Softball games (in that order every night of the week)

4. Our annual Vacation Bible School Musical! The kids were awesome.

3. Grandma & Grandpa (my husband's parents) arriving safely from California to stay with us for two weeks.

2. Church at the Park and Water Baptisms! Wonderful!

1. Preparing for a trip with my husband to attend a conference. We leave Thursday. I am looking forward to the time away with him.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Internet Cafe

Today I am over at CWO's Internet Cafe. Summer is a time for Vacation Bible School. Ours begins on Monday. Whether held in a large building with hundreds of children or in the neighborhood backyard with a half dozen kids, VBS is a wonderful opportunity to bring the gospel message to our children.

So, I wanted to share a simple letter my husband shared with our congregation a few months back on the impact the loving touch and concern two very special people had on his life.

("Papa & Mama" Kiemel as my husband so fondly refers to them as are the parents of authors Ann Kiemel Anderson and Jan Kiemel Ream.)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Vacation is Officially Underway

Well, summer is in full swing at our house and the first week was a whirlwind of activity. My kids finished well this year with school and I am glad we are done! (can I hear a big AMEN!) I love this time of year when the days are longer, the feet are dirtier and the laundry is lighter. (or I can dream at least!) Bedroom hampers can hold alot of shorts and t-shirts. Socks rarely see the light of day this time of year and all the swimsuits and towels hang in the mud room night after night to dry on the hooks which once held layers of coats The schedule and routine have completely changed and I am sure I will be a bit sporadic in my blog posting but if it means that more time was spent with my kids, than all is well. But little do my children know in the shadows of our warm summer days, mom keeps some simple goals for her crew so that the temptation to do absolutely nothing is not met.

Our week began with a bang or maybe I should say a "jump". The first thing on our summer schedule was to set up one of these in our backyard!

We were not able to bring ours with us when we moved across the country, so we promised the kids we would replace it when we were able to. They have been jumping all week even in their pajamas. (yes my little guy is wearing his pjs) And, yes it is square.

Our second week began with another real treat and surprise. My mom is here with us visiting. She flew to a city about five hours away at the end of last week from California to see her sister who is ill, and drove to our house to spend a few days with us before heading back to be with her sister. We were all very excited to see her and the kids are getting lots of Grandma's hugs.

If I didn't say it already, I will say it again, "I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!"
It is a time to step back from the routine that school brings to our family and take some moments to listen to, walk along with, watch as they play and truly treasure my children's childhood.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

About five years ago I read Brokenness: The Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It was so good, that I went and purchased her two other books in the series: Surrender: The Heart God Controls and Holiness: The Heart God Purifies. So it was no surprise to me that I would absolutely love and appreciate her book Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free. For some reason I had not read this book until earlier this year.
This summer I have selected four books to either re-read or read for the first time and this is one of them. Nancy shares so many powerful "truths" in this book, that I have decided to go back through the book and look closely at many of the lies that so easily creep into my heart and meditate on the truths that Nancy shares from God's Word.

So I was thrilled on Monday when Girl Talk was posting an interview all week with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I would encourage you to go here, here, here, and here to read the entire interview. This has only confirmed my decision to re-read this book.
She shares in this interview that she is teaming together with Dannah Gresh to co-author a book called Lies Young Women Believe. This is so awesome. Last summer my oldest daughter and I both read Dannah's book, and the Bride Wore White. This is an excellent book and a must read for every young woman.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy 21st Anniversary!

It was a wonderfully overcast Southern California June morning in 1986 when we took our vows to love and cherish each other. We were so optimistic and fearless about our future together. We made a commitment to each other and to God that we would spend our lives in service to Him. Through the years we have endured many trials only to discover that the vows we exchanged twenty-one years ago have been strengthened through God's work in our lives. Thanks for being the only one who can melt my heart with your smile, who never leaves the house without a kiss and does not let a day go by without telling me you love me! Happy 21st Anniversary! I love you more than you will ever know!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Design, The Cafe, The Menu

I have a new design thanks to Susie at Bluebird Blogs. Susie did a wonderful job! Thank you again, Susie!

In case you didn't get them "Your Marching Orders" are over at the Internet Cafe today.

And finally here is my very simple summer (we have four nights of baseball games) menu for the week.

Monday: Spaghetti

Tuesday: Taco Salad

Wednesday: Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Thursday: Chicken Fingers with baked fries

Friday: Grilled Hamburgers with chips

For more menus go to Organized Junkie