Sunday, December 07, 2008

4 Years Old

Hold your fingers up high Coleman!

Today is the day you are 4!

I am so blessed to be called your mommy!

I am so thankful for such a sweet and amazing gift this day four years ago!

Happy Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's December

All day yesterday I kept telling myself, "it's December already?"

I should be thinking about decorating but instead I am thinking about cleaning. My home has been severely neglected over the past couple of months and I can't picture myself hanging up or displaying one Christmas decoration until some of the dust is removed.

This morning while walking on the treadmill, I was grumbling to the Lord about the condition of my home. My closets are a mess, the dust is thick, the floors, the refrigerator, the bathrooms, it all needs to be done. And by the way the laundry and suitcases are still on my living room floor. I was talking to Him about all of my attempts over the years to keep my home neat and orderly and how I continually come up short. I have followed plans. I have made some great schedules and created some wonderful charts, but nothing makes the task any easier or less demanding. The only thing I haven't tried is hiring a maid and I know that won't happen. And besides I would have to clean before the maid came, so that would be pointless.

I came home after my walk and started putting away groceries when somewhere between putting away the box of oatmeal and the apples I heard the Lord's still small voice whisper, "what are you trying to build?" I know, I know is what I thought to myself (I just studied the book of Daniel and I know what happens when we try and build our own agenda) but it still doesn't get my house clean. And again, the nudging as I put away the carrots and milk, "whose kingdom are you trying to build?" It is like a huge sign that I keep ignoring until I am about to hit it again. I think for the past year God has been trying to teach me something. He stops me in my tracks continually and forces me to look at my motives, the blueprint of my heart, the reason for wanting something or doing something and sadly when I am honest with myself, it is about me and how I want to appear to others or what I hope to accomplish, not about Him.

God has given me everything I need. Including the ability to clean my house. And if you have never thought of housecleaning as a spiritual act, just start talking to the Lord about it and I am sure he will reveal some dust.

Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Proverbs 24:3-4