Friday, October 26, 2007

The Shopping Trip

Yes, you read correctly. I just returned from a twenty-four hour whirlwind shopping trip with a girl who knows how to find a good bargain. (thanks, Jane) For several months we had been trying to plan a shopping day. So off we went with no kids or husbands to our destination. She made the plans and I navigated (or at least tried to). Praise the Lord for cell phones and her sweet husband. Otherwise who knows where we might have ended up. I have never (or almost never) shopped for Christmas gifts in October. But I did this year and I am so excited to have checked some things off of my unwritten list. I would love to share some of my great bargains, but some of you who read my blog may be the recipient of these treasures. I rarely (ok probably never) get to shop alone, and get to stroll through the stores and look and look never once looking down at my watch. (Maybe that is why I don't enjoy shopping) Anyways it was crazy fun and oh so worth the time away. But the best part was when we pulled into our driveway tonight, my two youngest boys greeted me as if I had been gone for a week. It was totally worth it! I think Christmas Shopping in October will be a new tradition and guess what, there is room for two more. We have decided this will be a new tradition!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who's voice are we listening to?

Most women are just too busy. This is a point for quick
agreement, but the subtle danger involved in our busyness is that most of us never stop to realize that in most cases we can do something about it! We tend to look wildly and unrealistically in every other direction for the cause
of our trouble. Most of us feel like helpless victims where our work and activity schedules are concerned.

For six or seven years, this was entirely true of me. Then one day, when I found myself on the couch in the middle of the day (for the second week in a row) and I wasn't sick, just exhausted, it was time to take inventory.

What was actually important? How much of this activity was God actually instigating? How much of it was the consequence of my own bad judgement and how much was guided by the Holy Spirit within me? A woman's ego often pushes her into a whirlwind life of busyness, too. If you are capable, and if the ladies adore you and heap compliments on your pretty head every time you teach the class or preside at the circle meeting, just be wary. It is easy to mistake the voice of flattery for the voice of God. Especially if you've been busy for so long, there hasn't been a really quiet time to hear God speak. The voice of God is always speaking to us, and always trying to get our attention. But his voice is a "still, small voice," and we must at least slow down in order to listen.

I have been in a busy season. All of my activity seems good and right when evaluated, but I desire the voice of God to be the driving influence on what I do, not others expectations or my need for approval. This is often difficult to discern in the midst of raising children, working and keeping a home. Seven years ago when I found myself in such a state, God did not speak some grand purpose that I was to begin or change in my life, but instead He brought my focus home. He brought me to the table before Him, sitting in His presence, in the midst of my huge to-do list, a brand new congregation to get to know, laundry piles, dirty floors and the multiple un-done projects before me. It was there that I could hear His voice guiding me and showing me what was truly important and what was not. It was at His table that I was satisfied, even with a six month old on my lap, a four and five year old running circles around me and homeschooling a third grader.

This morning as I sat at His table again, seeking His voice to speak to my heart, my life has changed a bit from seven years ago. My oldest child is now in high school, the four and five year who once played for hours (and made huge messes) now attend the same middle school together and we are talking about honesty, kindness, and yes boys (and girls). The baby is now seven and full of questions about trees, rockets, and how many more days until he can have his favorite friend come over. And of course the "baby" is now two and a half and yes most days he runs circles around me (and makes huge messes) and I wonder if I will ever be able to sit for more than fifteen minutes quietly even in the wee hours of the morning. But as I go about the day, I listen, to the "still small voice" that speaks in the moments I stand at the kitchen counter or in front of the huge machines that wash our clothes, or while picking up, putting away, wiping down or driving around town. He speaks ,if we will stop long enough to listen to His voice.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am His!

Join me over at CWO's Internet Cafe today as we look at the ancient promise in Isaiah 43:1-3. "I am the Lord your God." I pray the Word of God will speak to your heart.

Monday, October 08, 2007

October 8, 1991

Sixteen years ago, I had just turned 28

You made your entrance and filled our lives with so much joy!

I had waited and waited to be blessed with my first child

You made me wait an extra two weeks!

I remember hearing the words, "It's a girl" and thinking later as I stared at your sweet face, "it didn't matter now if I have ten boys, I have a daughter to play with and grow old with."

You have been blessed with a sister to share life with and unfortunately only three brothers!

I prayed you would come to know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

You humble and amaze me with your desire to know Him and worship Him in Spirit and truth.

I watched you at the age of nine audition for a role in the Nutcracker and while other girls positioned themselves to be noticed, you stepped aside and took the hand of girl who was struggling and became her partner.

You didn't know you had done anything special!

I have watched you struggle through the places and things you love. I have prayed for God to bless you as you sing and do those things that don't always come naturally easy.

You have said to me, "you do it because you love it and will continue to do your best!"

I would have given up!

You persevere!

I know you are sweet sixteen today!

You reminded us this morning as we pulled into the parking spot at the County Building so that you could receive your driver's license.

I am flooded with memories (and tears) of the joy you bring into our life.

You are full of hope and excitement for the future and serving the Lord with your life.

I thank the Lord today for sixteen years of life.

You are ready to enjoy the fun and fellowship of your family and friends

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

Friday, October 05, 2007

I am His favor!

This is from a devotional for ministry wives. (this particular one was written by Jani Ortlund) I have tagged it in the book and this morning I spent some time meditating on this wonderful truth. I am His favor!

You are God's favor to your husband. It's as though, when God created your husband, he said, "How can I bless this man who is going to serve me all of his life?" How can I show him my favor? I know. I'll make (fill in your name) to love him and help him. I'll knit their hearts together. As she follows me, she'll bring him good, not harm. He will develop confidence in her and value her more than any of life's treasures"God has chosen you to live with a man who is devoted to serving others for the glory of Christ. Your husband needs you. You are the one he turns to for comfort and strength and counsel. He needs your support and participation in his labors. He needs you to "favor" him by understanding and respecting the eternal importance of his work.

How can you be God's favor to your husband?

  • Build him up with your words (Ephesians 4:29)
  • Watch over the affairs of your household (Proverbs 31:27)
  • Leave vengeance to God (Romans 12:19)
  • Do what is right, without giving way to your fears (1 Peter 3:6)

You are God's favor to your husband. God made you to help meet your husband's physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs. Recommit yourself to embrace your marriage and bring good to you husband all the days of your life.

Do you know you are God's favor to your husband?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Digital Photo Developing

A simple question here: Where (or what service) do you use to develop your digital photos and why? Is it the price, convenience, quality, etc..

I have too many photos sitting on my computer right now like this one which are absolutely priceless to me.

Waking up at the football game...

For more questions and the opportunity to give your answers visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer.

Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1st

Thank you Lord for another year of life!

The gifts came from the beautiful words my husband expressed in his card, a two year old singing and his attempt to blow out the candles, my seven year old telling me, "I was the bestest mom he ever had!", the long and lingering hug of my ten year old son, the sweet caress and the many birthday wishes from my twelve year old daughter, and the unforgettable words of love and appreciation from my almost sixteen year old daughter.

Thank you Lord for these priceless gifts!