Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A quick thought

When I said I was dusting off this blog, I really meant it. I have spent some time this evening reading through some old posts (while my family is watching a football movie) and found myself pleasantly surprised that I had written certain things down.

My three favorite categories (or labels) so far are Marriage, Family, and Parenting. I found myself listening to my own thoughts. It was kind of fun to look back, kind of like looking at old photos and remembering things I had almost forgotten.

Maybe I should consider it time well spent.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Dusting it Off

I have let it just sit here for almost a year. Like one of my favorite books, I am picking it up off the shelf, dusting the top, flipping the pages to refresh my memory of why I have kept it for so long and setting it on my desk so that I pick it up and begin again.
I set my blog and even the reading of blogs on the shelf. I felt the need to focus on other things. Recently, I have had the desire to share my thoughts here again.
Some things have changed just like the tattered edges of a favorite book. I am older and it is good! My kids are another year older, three teenagers, one nine year old and one very sweet five year old. My home feels like a revolving door. My kitchen table seems tiny and there is never enough room for everyone. (It once seemed huge) I have had to re figure some of my favorite recipes so that there is enough food. We often have one, two, or several more here who are hungry. I have learned to keep the freezer stocked, so that when four hungry fourteen year old girls show up, I have something they will eat when no one else is around. (I have learned they love pizza snacks) I have kids that stay up later than I do. This has been a hard one for me.
I still love to read! I have always liked to take photos! My husband surprised me at Christmas with a new camera. And I still journal on the Word of God in my Life Journal. I am trying to memorize scripture with greater discipline. I haven't tried any new recipes in a long time. I started walking and It makes me happy. I get to pray with some amazing women who I do not deserve. We started a Life Group in our home for college students. It has brought back memories!
And finally, I am glad Valentines Day is coming up....because I love roses and conversation heart candies!