Friday, October 31, 2008


It all started a few weeks ago when Hunter (8) informed us that he has never carved a pumpkin. I pulled up the archives in my mind of pumpkin carving in our family knowing that it was not in my favorites and recalled that he was probably "three" the last time we had cut open one of those big orange beasts. I usually enjoy the collecting, displaying, and photographing of them, but not carving so much.

So I decided that since this was so important to him, I would make it important to me. First, I made sure everyone was going to be home at the same time. This is getting tricky these days and the reality that it will only continue is hitting home hard. But that is a post for another day.

Next, we covered the table with cardboard and
my husband started the party with cutting off
the tops. Let the fun begin.....

Hunter was determined to save every seed for either planting or roasting. The slimy mess was everywhere.

Coleman wasn't sure if he was ready to dig in. Just removing the top was enough for him.

They each determined what their pumpkin's face would look like. I was on serious knife duty. Praying that no one would lose a finger.

Hunter was involved in every detail.....

It was important that his pumpkin face had two new teeth to match the two that he is getting.

Meet the "Pumpkins"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He Knows!

"I know my own sheep" John 10:14
God knows me. He knows it all. He is the Ancient of Days. He knows my public persona and my private pettiness. He knows what lights the fire of my soul and what dampens the flame within me. He knows how I struggle, even now, between self-pity and self sacrifice. Even if I want to hide my inner thoughts and motives from him, I can't. He knows my deepest regrets and my secret longings. He knows!
The thought that "He knows" has given me so much comfort over the last few weeks. He knows the answers to the questions that swirl around in my mind, even if I don't. Oh, how painful and at the same time pleasurable it is to be fully known! Such a relief that I do not have to put on pretenses, yet such a rub to have all my weaknesses exposed. And then I remember that he is the Good Shepherd. His full knowing of me doesn't cause him to recoil; it reminds him of why he came - to lay down his life for me. Knowing I've done nothing to deserve it, and knowing that at times I will stray from his flock, he has chosen to lay down his life for me and he invites me to know him in an in intimate way. Even though he knows the real me, he wants me to follow him now and for eternity. He wants to be with me! He knows me!

(adapted from a devotion in Nancy Guthrie's book on Hope)

Friday, October 17, 2008

What am I doing...

  • Trying to recover from a very busy Fall season with the kids which is slowly winding down.
  • Enjoying the light rain today and the cooler weather which allowed me to turn on our fireplace.
  • Caring for a sick girl and secretly enjoying the time alone with her.
  • Trying to go through kids clothes and purge purge purge while...
  • Listening to a message "Hoping In God" given by a sweet friend.
  • Looking at the title of a book I recently picked up sitting on my table which is also titled "Hope" and realizing this is often how the Lord speaks to me. He puts several things on the same subject right in front of me so that I don't miss it.
  • Praying for several who are ill and hurting and needing to feel His Hope.
  • Understanding more today that caring for a home and family is a gift even when it is overwhelming and everyone is pulling at you all at the same time.
  • Needing to finish this post and take some notes of this message before returning to the clothes piles and before the clock strikes..."it's time to go pick up kids from school."
  • Thankful that He is the Ancient of Days and so thankful for the message this week in the book of Daniel. He knows and always has!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

So I don't forget

Eight year old Hunter's Awana teacher called me Wednesday night after church to inform me that Hunter indeed knew the books of the bible. He recited them to her as:


we laughed so hurt. it was great.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Dear Lauren,

Happy Birthday! It has been a beautiful day today. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it is a glorious day.

We had nothing big planned for the day, but instead just some family time. Your sister and brothers all made you cards and decorated your room after school to surprise you when you came home. As usual you were absolutely delighted and enjoyed every ounce of their effort. I peeped in on you this morning as you ran out to cheerleading practice in the wee hours of the morning, received the warmth of your smile as you darted off to school, and caught the joy in your eyes as you ate your dinner and headed off to youth group. Something in me wanted to grab you and make you stop. But I know I can't.

Seventeen years ago you made me a mom for the very first time and it seems each year goes by faster and faster. I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me such a gift in you. I just wanted to be a mommy, but He far exceeded my expectations.

Your compassion for others truly blesses me. I am humbled by your mercy and desire to see those who are hurting healed and those in need provided for. The only thing you asked for your birthday was to take a trip to Chicago to visit and pray for a young man from your school who is laying in a hospital bed. I asked if you were serious, and you said, "yes". I often say to myself, "when I grow up, I want to be just like her."

I love these photos of you because it was a very special day (date) you and I shared. I will treasure the memory, the moments and the conversation.

October 8, 1991 I sat in the hospital room at the end of the hallway in awe of the baby girl I held in my arms. Today I stand in awe of the young lady that God has placed before me.