Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Day is it?

Those were my exact thoughts this morning as I awoke. This week has me totally confused. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday all day, except I knew I had church, but I kept thinking tomorrow was Friday, even though it was going to be Thursday, which is today, right? I told you I am confused!

This week our life has been centered around the school's website. In fact, If traffic to their site was something they were trying to build, we contributed this week in a big way and they must have huge smiles on their faces.

Will there be school today? Will there be a late start? Some were standing in front of the computer refreshing the page over and over praying for the words, "school canceled today" while others were just hoping for the words, "2 hour delay today" so that they could continue to sleep in again for the who knows how many days in a row.

But, this morning the website read, "regular class schedule today." As I went from room to room gently nudging each of my sleeping kiddos, all snuggled in the warmth of their beds, there was a long sigh as I told them we had a regular schedule today.

Everyone slowly crept out of bed and began their normal morning routine for the first time in over a week. We all enjoyed waffles and the morning chaos was at a minimum.

As I drove up to the three different schools, I blessed each of my kids as I do every morning with the words, "the Lord be with you today, may His face shine upon you, and may you learn to the glory of God. I love you! and don't slip on the ice! "

As I drove away from the middle school, my eleven year old son turned the corner on the sidewalk and you guessed it, slide down the sidewalk a few inches on the ice managing of course to stay on his feet, turned around and smiled at me. All I have to say is, "What day is it?"


Anonymous said...

Don't ask me! What a week this has been. I can just see the kids and the computer....cute.
I wonder if the teachers are flipping through their materials wondering where they left off and where to begin. We need a Sunday with church to set things straight again.

Ann said...

I love the blessing you give your kids as they go to school.

Linda said...

Now that we have an empty nest, it usually takes me a few moments on any given morning to figure out what day of the week it is!! I know the feeling well.
I can remember being little and praying for snow so school would be canceled.
I love that blessing too. A wonderful way to start their day.

Mocha with Linda said...

That is a great story. Love the blessing.

I've gotten where I don't really like snow days because they just mess up a spring holiday later!

And last year on our ice day the district wouldn't even decide until 5:30 a.m. so I didn't get the benefit of sleeping in!

Lisa Spence said...

I can't remember this week either!