Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Menu Plan and a little more

We had a very nice weekend. It started Friday night after enjoying a meal outside on the deck, we dropped our oldest daughter off to play Frisbee golf with some of the youth from our church and than we headed over to a park along the river. The kids played and played. Afterwards we went home and sat out on the deck again and roasted marshmallows in the fire pit and made s'mores.

Saturday we continued to enjoy the beautiful weather in the low 80's by doing a little work in our yard, watched two of our boys play their last soccer game for the season and then headed to a graduation open house.

Sunday after church we had another graduation open house to attend which was alot of fun. In the evening, we sat outside again, played some Bocce ball in the yard and ended it with some more roasted marshmallows. The best part was while I was cleaning up in the kitchen, I was listening to my four older children sitting outside telling stories around the fire pit and the baby sitting in a chair with his brother giggling and trying to keep up with the conversation. What a treasured moment as I looked outside at all of my children enjoying each other. I said a quick prayer asking that their relationships continue to grow strong and their friendships would remain as they grow older.

My menu this week is going to be very light. (on the cooking side that is) We have a busy two weeks with lots of evening activities as we finish out the school year, baseball and softball season is in full swing and my oldest daughter will be doing her Lifeguard training four nights this week and will need to eat dinner at 4 pm before she goes for her training. This week alone we have four baseball/softball games. So, in order for us to get everyone where they need to be and still eat at home (eating out is too expensive), we will have easy quick meals that can be prepared and eaten anytime.
Monday: Grilled hamburgers (made early and kept warm) with potato salad (I made a large batch so we could eat it all week) green salad (already made just add the dressing)
Tuesday: Tacos (meat made in the crockpot, all the fixens put into Tupperware container in the frig, pre-made shells ready to go)
Wednesday: Chicken sandwiches (chicken has been pre-cooked) Just warm in the microwave. Potato salad and fruit (I am using canned fruit that has been put into a Tupperware container and chilled)
Thursday: Grilled teriyaki hamburgers (made early and kept warm), potato salad (if any left), chips, pineapple slices
Friday: Pizza (the frozen kind, easy and inexpensive)
Yes, we will eat hamburgers twice this week. They are easy to make and it is really no different than if we found ourselves at the McDonald's drive thru, but much healthier. They are something we rarely eat unless we can grill them. I can grill the patties at any time and than just keep them warm. All the fixins are kept so that we can quickly make our sandwiches. (On occasion I will use ground turkey instead of ground beef)
If you are looking for me after 3pm, I will probably be in route somewhere, sitting at the ballpark or taking a walk at the park. The weather is just too nice to not be outside.
For more great menu ideas go to I'm An Organizing Junkie


Anonymous said...

your menu plan looks really great! Have a wonderful Monday.

Anonymous said...

pleased you had a nice weekend.
sounds like you were busy
I love roasted marshmallows YUM

Praise and Coffee said...

Sounds like a splendid weekend! Have a great week too!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Your menu looks great! I love how even in a very busy week, you are still blessing your family with meals from home.

Annie said...

Your menu looks delicious. Great job getting things all organized so you can handle those busy evenings!
Happy Monday!

My Life as Annie!

Sandra said...

Looks great, thank you for sharing :)

Menu Plan

Linda said...

Your weekend sounds just perfect to me Chris. What a wonderful picture of family and contentedness. I actually miss all those busy times of sports activities and watching games. Once the last one left the nest it just got really quiet.
Your menu sounds practical and delicious. Enjoy the week Chris. I think you have the right idea.

Lisa Spence said...

A busy time of year, to be sure! I think hamburgers twice a week is great!

By the way, thanks for stopping by my site and leaving such an encouraging comment...

Blessings, Lisa

Jennifer said...

Wow- what organized meals and smart planning! I need to bookmark this post and use it for future reference. I really like your plan, and everything sounds great!

Deidre said...

Isn't this weather gorgeous? So glad you had a great weekend!

Also, I'm saying a prayer for your brother (previous post).

Natalie Joy said...

Remember there are grad open houses this weekend too. So, not too much planning needed for Fri. or Sat.

Heth said...

I love your weekend! It sounds lovely, especially since there were marshmallows involved.

Way to plan ahead!

Mindy said...

Bocce ball? Are you Italian?
My hubbys family is and I had NO idea what bocce ball was until I met them =)