Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Facts of Psalm 139

As we conclude our Tuesday morning ladies bible study at church on God's Steadfast Love, much of the teaching has been centered around Psalm 139. Debbie Alsdorf concludes the study guide with these facts about Psalm 139:

1. God knows me, I am not a stranger to Him.
2. He understands me as an individual.
3. He is intimately acquainted with me.
4. He knows me well enough to know what I'll say next.
5. He is covering me, I am protected.
6. He is always with me.
7. I cannot separate myself from the love of God.
8. He leads me.
9. He holds my hand.
10. My life is not in darkness, but basks in His light.
11. He made me, putting all the pieces together
12. I am a wonderful work of God's hand.
13. My life is a miracle.
14. My days have been ordained by God.
15. His thoughts are tender toward me.
16. He is always thinking of me.
17. God preserves me from day to day.
18. When I wake to start a new day, He is still with me.
19. I am alive by His design and plan.

Even in my sinful state, God knows me, loves me and is intimately involved in every part of my life. This leads to our study today on "Trust".
Why then do we struggle to truly "trust" in the Lord with all our heart?(Proverbs 3:5-6)


Cyndi said...

Wow, Chris, thank you so much for sharing this list! I have C&P'd it into bookmark-size for my Bible. I will be reading and re-reading it with that Psalm. Have a blessed day!

Susanne said...

Those facts are wonderful. What a great thing to read when a rough day is happening. I'll be printing it and putting it in my bible if you don't mind.

Donnetta said...

Ps 139 is one of my all time favorites!! I enjoyed reading this summary of such a powerful passage!

Anonymous said...

wonderful list thanks for sharing it
If you dont mind I may use it sometime on my blog I would of course refer it back to your blog

Linda said...

It is so nice to have this in list form. This is my favorite Psalm because it ministered to me in a time of deep need. Thanks so much for this Chris.

Deidre said...

I love the list. I'm going to copy that. That's my favorite Psalm.