Thursday, November 09, 2006

Renown for Listening

Upon picking my six year old son up from school he proceeds to tell me that the music teacher had said she would not give out instruments to those kids with their hands raised. He says to me confused, "aren't you suppose to raise your hand in school?" His older brother proceeds to explain that sometimes all the kids raise their hands hoping to be picked and the teacher doesn't want them to. With a confused look my six year old says, "Why?"

We have many opportunities throughout the day to listen to our kids. This is one area my own mother encouraged me in when my first child was born. Although the conversation in the car was fun listening to, it is not always that way. It takes a huge effort to listen, making eye contact, not interrupting, and being attentive so much so that we want to hear everything. It also takes patience when their young. The payoff is when you really want them to talk, if they know you have always listened, they will be more inclined to share.

In the
book she states, "Careful listening will also encourage our husbands to bare their souls to us. It will motivate our children to share their innermost thoughts."

Another opportunity to show
kindness to my family.

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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Thanks for sharing all these little treasures with us! I have been thinking about the difference between kindness and goodness all day!