Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brian's Song

Over the holiday weekend our family watched the movie, Brian Song. My husband had seen the movie many years ago, but I had never watched it. The Chicago Bears has become my 10 year old son's favorite football team and so he checked the movie out from the library.

We watched a re-make of the original movie made back in 1971. It was a great "real-life" story of courage, friendship, and an example of working hard even when you are not "the best", which is rarely encouraged in our current culture. He wasn't just worried about himself. I loved the way he made others laugh until the very end of his life.

Here is a great article I found for my son to read.


Kelly said...

I LOVE that movie. I can remember watching it as a kid and just weeping. Such a beautiful, tender relationship between two men.

Susanne said...

I remember this show touching me when I was a teen. I've seen it at the library. I'll have to rent it again.