Thursday, November 09, 2006

Renown for Good Works

I love this paragraph in the book Feminine Appeal, "What are we known for? How would our family and friends portray our character? As these people observe our lives, they should be more aware of our good deeds than our style of clothing, our talents, and abilities, our hobbies, or our standard of living. We should be RENOWNED for good works at home, in our churches, and extending into our communities. Of course, the goal is not to garner attention for ourselves, but to show forth the compelling power of the gospel."

Encouragement and planning are two more ways that I can show kindness to my family. Proverbs 12:25 says, "that a good word makes the heart glad, while anxiety causes depression. I would like a sign that says. ONLY GOOD WORDS SPOKEN HERE!

I love what she says about planning. "Planning is not only necessary for heading off danger but also for initiating good. Good works don't just happen. We need to plan and prepare for them. And I must say, this type of planning is a whole lot of fun!" And I agree wholeheartedly. Looking for ways to bring my family happiness is oh so much fun. Praying for, listening to, greeting and encouraging my husband and kids prepares my heart to plan something that will bring them happiness. We live in such a self-centered culture that it is not often we find those who are looking for ways to bring happiness.

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Rachel Anne said...

Chris, I am loving your "series" on Renoun. So much to think about and put into practice. Seems like the busier I get the less I plan for good works, but that is often what my family needs...those acts of kindness and encouraging words. Thanks!