Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who are those women?

Thanks to each of you who left such sweet and fun comments about my new blog design.

I wanted a graphic of women sitting around a table. Who are these women you ask? They are you and me (well, not really). They are anyone who needs to come and talk and share with another about motherhood, being a wife, living a Godly life etc. etc. Unfortunately, there were no graphics of women sitting in their jeans or sweatpants. I couldn't find one with a women rocking a little one on her lap, or someone with a tear or two or even a bible spread open before them, because that is who I am.

And so this was the best we could find. So it left me to imagine myself all dressed up sitting in a cute coffee shop with a few of my favorite people, looking all sophisticated, while we sip on our chai tea.

But I guarantee you that most days when I sit here to talk with you, I am either in my warm and cozy pajamas or at best my favorite pair of sweats.


Melissa said...

I like the idea of getting fancy-schmancy for a change!

Tina said...

chai tea? you meant to say triple grande carmel macchiato didn't you?

yeah, I thought so. :)

Jenileigh said...

This made me smile! I'm hoping to soon have the size body that could wear one of those cute dresses! ;)

Mocha with Linda said...

Well, it's a good thing you don't expect me to be all chic and everything. I might even take my sack off my head for you. 'Cause I know you'll love me anyway.

And I'm with Tina. You can have the chai tea. I'll sip my mocha. :-)

Wish we could do it IRL.


Lisa Spence said...

To be that chic AND that thin! ;-)

Actually, I would much prefer jeans and a tee; I love that we are chatting (virtually) as we really are...jeans, sweats, and pj's!

And I second tina's motion: a triple grande caramel macchiato over here as well!

Deidre said...

I love the new design and I love that they're all dressed us something to hope for some days, right?

Ann said...

I agree with Melissa! Even though I'm always in some kind of grubby sweatshirt or t-shirt, fancy schmancy sounds fun. Actually, you didn't know this, but the gal in the green dress up there IS me. heehee! My brother and I used to do that when we were kids, we'd watch t.v. and point to the super heroes or really cool guys and say,"That's me! I'm that guy right there!"

And it's a triple grande white mocha raspberry latte. Yep.

And I most certainly agree with mocha with linda, I wish we could gather in real life.

I really do like your blog's new look :)

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Very cute. It's so fun to get dressed up once in a while but also nice to have friend with whom you can just be.

Sandy said...

Yip, I get that feeling from you. Warm and cozy :)

Tammy said...

Oh, I love it! Pass the mocha latte please! :D

I'm off on a ten day road trip to Disneyland tomorrow...I'll be back with hopefully lots of good pictures and stories...