Friday, March 14, 2008

He Has Not Forgotten

Early in January before my father passed away and before the many trials and struggles that the last few months would hold, I was contacted by the National Women's Ministries Department of the Assemblies of God asking permission to reprint one of my devotions written for CWO back in November for their March issue of WTOnline.

Little did I know how my own words would come back to minister to my heart. I needed them again today, just as much as I did back in November 2007, when I first wrote this post.

So, would you bless my heart and go here to read the article, He Has Not Forgotten and while you are there, take a few moments and look around. Their theme for the month of March is "Waiting for a Miracle" and there are many encouraging articles.


Ann said...

I do know what it's like to wait and wonder, and right now I definitely know what it's like to be lonely. But it will get better! And I was so excited to see you writing about Isaiah, now that I'm studying it. And, I discovered from your article that a song I had been leaning on through our having to move again, a song called "Everlasting God (Strength Will Rise)" by Lincoln Brewster (I posted about it back in November 2007 I think), is from that very passage that you quoted!

Speaking of Isaiah and music, if you don't mind me rambling, I made another connection~ I'm in chapter six now, the chapter where the Seraphim puts a hot coal on Isaiah's unclean lips and declares him forgiven...well, a few years ago I heard a Christian rock band called Liptocoal. I completely did not understand the name of the band, and figured it wasn't a big deal anyway, until I read Isaiah chapter six! Lip-to-coal! I love those "lightbulb" moments!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved the article, and loved seeing how God used your own words (well, His words!) in your life months later! What a neat way to show you He remember you!

Anonymous said...

I remember that devotion because I had just joined you guys at the Cafe a couple of weeks earlier. I'm not surprised that the National Women's Ministries Dept. has figured out what we already knew - you write with a heart that is close to God. Guess we have to share you now! That's a good thing :) . . . (AKA a 'God' thing)


Angela Nazworth said...

Hi Chris. This is Angela from Becoming Me. I don't know if you do meme's but I was tagged for one and I put it on my personal blog and I am tagging you (Warning, my personal blog mostly contains quirky stuff and cute updates about my serious or even creative writing there.)

SheriYates said...

so sweet! I lost my mom 2 years this