Monday, April 16, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Chicken Packets, potatoes and corn (Prepare Chicken for freezer)

Tuesday: Cheese Enchiladas, rice and beans

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes (one of my kids just love these) & pasta salad

Thursday: Lasagna and salad (Make an extra lasagna for the freezer)

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo and salad

It's Monday and we are finally getting some nice weather again. I am ready to change my menu planner from roasts, soups and stews to grilled chicken, shish ka bobs on the barbecue and salads. I sat this morning and reorganized my planner moving some of my soup recipes to the back of the book and inserting some new marinades for the grill to the front. I also moved my cookbooks around so that the ones that are specific to spring and summer cooking are ready to go.
The boys are in the middle of spring soccer season and baseball practice is starting. Our evenings are beginning to be busy again with running kids here and there, so this is a great time to plan ahead so that we don't end up eating too much fast food. A little preparation goes along way. Here are a few things that I have used in the past and have served me well:

  • Cook and chop up (I will also shred some for enchiladas) several pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts. I then freeze in 3-4 cup quantities for quick meal preparation.
  • Prepare several freezer meals such as lasagna, tamale pie and other casseroles that freeze nicely. For the next two weeks, I plan to cook "double" on two days in order to build my stock of freezer meals.
  • Utilize your crockpot!! There are so many great recipes for crockpots from very simple barbecue chicken to roasts.
  • Make a menu plan. I make the plan for the week based on what I have on my calendar. Our goal for most nights is to gather at the table, but if I didn't have a plan I am afraid we would miss many opportunities for this important time together. Having a plan as always served me well.

I will finish my post on "Manners Matter" next week. Have a great Monday!

For more menu plans visit Laura at Organized Junkie


Christi said...

Sounds great Chris!

Have a great week!

Annie said...

I'm getting ready to start cooking my chicken pockets for tonight too, what a great idea to make more and freeze it. I'm glad I read your post before starting!
Your menu looks great!
♥ Annie
My Life as Annie!

Cyndi said...

I haven't moved my cookbooks around yet, but I need to. Thanks for the reminder! I also usually move my "Taste Of Home" magazines for the current month up to the top of the stack, and I'm behind. I needed this post today! :) I think I'll be cooking double in the weeks to come as well. My kids were asking about sloppy joes a couple of weeks ago... think I'll plan those for next week. Have a wonderful week!

Terri | Sugar Free Glow said...

Great idea to cook up a bunch of chicken and freeze it. I hope you'll share your favorite marinades!


Heth said...

Good ideas! I think I might have to try some of those as we start into sport season. Sure would make supper time a lot less hectic.

Unknown said...

You have some yummy recipe picks for this week's menu plan.
You have a terrific week!

Anonymous said...

i love using my crockpot

have a good week

Susanne said...

Boy are you ever organized with moving your recipes & cookbooks around. Your menu looks great. Those are all favorites around here. Maybe I'll just send my family to your house to eat this week? :v)

Natalie Joy said...

I love to double my meals and stick one in the freezer. I think you should share a recipe with us once a week, too. You always have such great meals.