Monday, February 19, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Here is my menu plan for this week. I've always liked having a plan, but I do not serve the plan, but the plan should always serve me. A menu plan always makes my weeks go much smoother. Last week, many of the meals I had planned worked well with my busy schedule. I had three slow-cooker meals that I was able to prepare in the morning and therefore my entire afternoon and evening was free to take care of other things and still have time to sit down at the table as a family and enjoy the fellowship of one another. This week I have a short menu plan since I am not sure yet what our weekend plans will be. Note: Last Friday I did not prepare my enchiladas since my husband went out of town, so since I already have the ingredients I am serving them this week. And normally, Tuesday is Mexican Night, but since I have a busy day on Tuesday, I am serving the enchiladas with home made refried beans tonight. husband will be so happy!!

Monday: Enchiladas with rice and Beans

Tuesday: Swiss Chicken Bake and salad
(simple new recipe from An ordinary mom)

Wednesday: Breaded Shrimp, potatoes and cream corn

Thursday: Beef Stroganoff over rice and steamed veggies

For more great Menu's and new recipe ideas go to Organized Junkie


Annie said...

Looks like a tasty week!
Hope your Monday is full of blessings!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very good week. I could eat breaded shrimp all day, LOL!

An Ordinary Mom said...

We love enchiladas around here. Your whole menu sounds yummy.

I hope you enjoy your new recipe :)!!

Kelly said...

Homemade refried beans--ooh I am so there!

Also, loved your comment that the plan should serve you. I need to keep that in mind personally. Thanks!

Unknown said...

You have many of our family favorites on this week's menu plan. And enchiladas are our favorite. Yummy!

Susanne said...

I like how you say you don't serve the plan but the plan serves you. I find my week goes easier if I have a plan too, but if I don't do the certain meal with the certain day, I don't sweat it. I'm the queen of "bumping". But the framework is still there and simplifies my life.

Yum, you're week sounds delicious.

Tina said...

HOMEMADE refried beans? you fry them and then REfry them?

Lovella ♥ said...

oh they all sound yummy. What a great idea to plan ahead. I'm kind of a cook what I'm hungry for and hope that someone else will feel the same. I'll check out the new recipe.