Friday, March 30, 2007

A Dyson

5minutesformom is giving away a Dyson Slim Vacumm. Go here and sign Mr. Linky and write your own post about the opportunity to win one of these.

A few years back we went on a vacuum research and investigation adventure. We had gone through too many vacuums in a very short period of time and had invested a lot of money in all types. We put forth the money for a Dyson DC 07 original and have no regrets. I have had the vacuum for almost two years now and I know with a much less inexpensive model I was replacing them at least once a year.

Go check out 5minutesformom.


Natalie Joy said...

I posted and signed up. I have wanted one for about two years now. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

My husband bought me a Dyson several years ago. I thoroughly enjoy it. When I think of all the vacuum bags I split in my years carefully sorting through them to retrieve my children's precious legos. I think... I should've had a Dyson!!!!