Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Balcony Woman

I have a few women in my life who I would love to refer to as a"Balcony Woman". Joyce Heatherly in her book "Special Words" describes Balcony People as those "who by experience, by education in the school of suffering, and by the wisdom gleaned from life is our affirmer. They are people who take delight in honoring one another (a rare commodity these days) Balcony People not only love us but have great respect for us. They listen to us with their ears and hear us with their hearts."

These type of people are rare. They can look beyond the moment and see the heart. I would not be the woman I am today without those who have stood in the balcony of my life and cheered me on. They stood to their feet and applauded with great delight during certain scenes and lingered long after everyone else had gone home.

I too want to be a Balcony Woman to others. It is during those years as a young wife and mommy that we need others who will stand with us, listen to our hearts and affirm us in the role that God has fashioned for us as women. Do you have a "Balcony Woman" in your life?


Heth said...

I am so blessed by the Balcony Women in my life. What a wonderful way to describe them Chris.

Donnetta said...

Oh, I absolutely love the idea of this concept and the challenge to strive to be a "balcony woman" myself!

Cyndi said...

I do have a couple of "balcony women" in my life, and they have inspired me to want to be that kind of Barnabas-like encourager to others. I think it takes a certain amount of being comfortable in your own skin, confident in who you are in Jesus and what the Holy Spirit has gifted you to do to be able to truly be free to encourage and applaud others. Great post!

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

You are very blessed! (assuming I may know one or two of these ladies :))

I love the challenge as well.

You described this so well, articulated my heart exactly. "confident in who you are in Jesus and what the Holy Spirit has gifted you to do" Our confidence as women can only come from knowing who we are in Christ and Him alone.

This is why we are "sistas".

Susanne said...

Great description! I have a couple that I can think of right away. And I'm with momrn2, I want to strive to be this for others.

Anonymous said...

I have several amazing ones.

Janis Rodgers said...

I do have a "balcony woman" in my life and I strive to be much like her. She is always there for me-cheering and encouraging me on my walk. I feel like God is refining me and molding me into the woman that He wants me to be through the women that He has brought into my life-both in real life and in blogland! Blessings to you. Love this post!

Christine said...

I have had a few of these women in my life- some are long distance now- and I hope I am that woman to someone. This is a great thought to ponder for the weekend, Chris! Thanks!

Terri | Sugar Free Glow said...

Chris, thank you for stopping by! I love when someone comments and I go to their blog and find inspiration! I love this community of bloggers!

I do have a couple "balcony women" that are dear blessings to me. I pray that I'm that way to others, I try to be. Your post is inspiring me to try harder!~