Monday, October 30, 2006

The Pleasure of Purity

I enjoy reading. If given a choice of how I would spend several hours alone, my first choice would be to cuddle up with a book. Therefore, knowing this simple fact about myself you can only imagine how many books on marriage and relationships I have read through the years. And yet I have found that none have dealt with this subject in such a practical and Godly fashion as I have enjoyed in Feminie Appeal. In the next chapter, the author addresses the area of purity in our lives primarily in the area of intimacy with our husbands. She does such an excellent job of getting right to the point. God created it, He meant it for marriage, and therefore we should enjoy it with our husbands. Some days I just need to be reminded!

There are two great posts at Home Sanctuary about "What all guys want and being our husbands refuge".


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Thanks again for sharing from your book. Since you LOVE reading (so do I) I want to encourage you to read my favorite book (besides the Bible): "First We Have Coffee" by Margaret Jensen. As a Pastor's Wife, you will LOVE this book (if you haven't already read it :)). Blessings, Julie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for continuing to share with us. We know how busy you are and appreciate you taking the time to write your thoughts from this book. It is like we are sitting with you all over again drinking tea and discussing the word of God, motherhood, and marriage.
We miss you!
p.s. we need an updated picture of the girls.
Jen, Anna, & Shelly