Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Loving My Husband - Tender Behavior

It's not just my thoughts, but also my behavior. Most days if I allow my thoughts to be tender, my behavior will usually fall into place. In the book, Feminine Appeal she quotes Linda Dillow, who shares three ways in which we can actively admire our husbands, by prizing them, cherishing them, and enjoying them.

We all know that to prize something means we strongly desire it. To cherish means to hold dear, or to care for tenderly, and enjoying someone is taking pleasure in something. These are all words that I would use to describe something that is extremely valuable to me. And therefore I would do everything I could to take care of it.

My marriage and relationship with my husband is extremely valuable to me. I want my husband to feel that he has first place in my heart apart from my relationship with God. My kids will grow up and leave home someday and what greater gift could I give them, but to love my husband dearly. I want to care for him tenderly. I look for ways that I can bless him. A few days ago he mentioned that potato soup sounded really good. We had a full day of activities and I was tired, but I made some soup without saying anything and when he came to the table I could see on his face how special he felt. These are easy things but make huge imprints in our lives.

It has taken me many years to get here. Finally, one way I have enjoyed my husband is joining him in one of the things he enjoys. We watch football games together. About 13 years ago I began sitting down with him each Sunday afternoon to enjoy a game. I would make a special plate of fun foods and I would sit with him throughout the entire game. He loved it and guess what SO DID I!

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Rachel Anne said...

Hi Chris,

I can see we are kindred spirits, thinking along the same lines. You are right, loving my husband starts with thinking tender thoughts in my mind. Good reminder!!