Thursday, August 09, 2007

I admit it

Are you tired?
Are you weary?
Do you have a new baby or toddlers who seem to keep you up at night or maybe up all day long?
Are you ready for the routine of the school year more than anyone else in the house?
Do you have teenagers whose active busy life keep your knees pressed to the ground and ears pressed to everything else?

Are you like me asking yourself how did I get here?

My two year old has been waking up off and on at night for no apparent reason. He doesn't always settle back down easy and so it takes a little time to get him back to sleep.
Never can I ever remember a summer that I was looking forward to school beginning. I completely hate to admit it, but I need routine and my children are ready for it too. I have provided little to no routine this summer and the effects of this have shown their ugly head.
This year (meaning school year) my oldest daughter turns sixteen and my younger daughter turns thirteen. For many of my dear friends this day has already come and gone in their lives, but I feel my kids are all approaching these years now in almost lightening speed. Can we just slow down a bit so I can catch my breath and ponder just for a moment that the girl who I just carried in my arms and slept in the bend of my arm those first few nights is almost sixteen? I have just barely figured how to live with one teenager and now it is time for two. It is probably not much different than when my second or third or fourth child were born and I wondered how I would do it.

I have sensed we are entering a new season.
I am tired! I am weary! I need the routine that will be here in a few weeks. I admit it!


Lisa Spence said...

Oh, Chris, ME TOO!

Deidre said...

I'm in need of a routine as well, Chris al though my oldest isn't - ha ha. She loves things just the way they are - late bedtimes, early riser. I need some time as well. I pray you get some rest, sweet friend.

Lori said...

Oh meeeeee to, I can so relate.

Heth said...

Me too, me too!

Donnetta said...

Admitting it with you!!

Christine said...

To answer your first 2 questions, YES, and YES!

I am ready for the routine as well although, I'm not ready yet. Clear as mud??


Linda said...

How well I remember those feelings Chris. The time does go by too quickly - my granddaughter will be 16 this year. How in the world did that happen?
I think we all do better with a routine. Maybe the little one will even start sleeping through the night again once you're all back on a schedule. Oh how precious is a good night's sleep!

Cyndi said...

I need the routine, too! I was just thinking this to myself last week. I bumped our school year back a bit, so we're not starting until after Labor Day due to ministry responsibilities and me needing more "prep time" but I can't wait to get going on our schedule and routine. Busy, though it is, it's predictable. And there's rest in that.

AnnG said...

I just read this post and I felt like you were talking about me, only it came from you -- I have a 17 year old and a 3 year old, and they have been very tiring this summer. I'm looking forward to the routine of fall to start, also.