Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My 2008 pages are still blank

I have been thinking about writing this post now for over a week. It was supposed to be my New Year's Post. You know the one where I lay out all the things that I hope to change, accomplish, dream about doing etc. etc. over the next year. But the problem is I am not finished yet and it is already January 8th. I have wanted a block of time to just sit, pray, reflect, write some thoughts, think some more, pray a lot, all while sipping on something really good and warm. I like to write out plans for my own growth in godliness, how I can better love and serve my husband, prayers for each child, what things I would like to do different in my home, things I sense the Lord is leading me to do for the church, and a list of those I want to commit to praying for over the next year.

Unfortunately, the block of time hasn't come. Instead I have been given snippets of time here and there while trying to get everything put away and caught up, help with homework, go to two doctor's appointments, and we still have two dentist appointments and one ortho appointment this week. This is life!

I have a brand new prayer journal which I so desperately want to crack open and begin writing in. I have blank pieces of paper in my notebook which are waiting for my thoughts and plans. I even have a verse written down at the top of the paper which reflects my heart and where I want to begin:

I rise before the dawning of the morning, And cry for help; I hope in Your word. Psalm 119:147

So far this is all I have written down, "In the morning I will direct it to You." I know as the days and weeks go by I will have time to write some things down. I will be able to sit and write out my prayers for my family, my home, the church, and for those who do not know Christ. I have sensed myself getting anxious. I love lists. I love to write down my plans. I have things I want to change and do. But God is speaking to my heart in the midst of life as I wait for an opportunity.


Tammy said...

I love how you wrote this post.

Actually, this has been the first year I haven't actually made any resolutions...this year, it's been more subtle with me, and at the same time, I've felt certain nudgings from the Lord in different areas.

And I understand about finding special blocks of time...one of the things I know I am to do this year is to gently pull back from blogging just a bit. Not quite...just pull back.

It does sound like your January is already busy with lots of appointments! I know life is just plain busy sometimes...so glad God can speak to us in the midst of it if our hearts are listening!

Melissa said...

I understand the list-maker personality...I'm the same way. I enjoy fresh pages waiting to be filled with hopes & dreams as well.

Praying He will give you a block of time soon!

Heth said...

" God is speaking to my heart in the midst of life"

I love this.

Kelly said...

We are sisters of the heart and fellow listmakers! Praying for quiet time to start to fill those pages--and share with us what God is teaching you.

Tina said...

so true isn't it?

I am in the same boat...somewhat wishing the world would stop for just a while so I can get deep with God.

He must be so jealous of our time.

Yet, you know he waits. and loves. and always answers.

Linda said...

I love to get things all organized and written down as well Chris. My problem comes in the "follow through". I'm notorious for beginning well and then sort of fading out.
The fact that God is speaking to you in the midst of all the "stuff" of life is encouraging to me. I have been thinking much lately about the concept of just practicing His presence - in all the moments of my days. Not that the lists and the things we write are not good too. It's just that I want a "real" relationship - which is just what you are speaking about.
Thanks so much Chris. You always, always encourage me.

Lisa Spence said...

I already feel behind...and it's only January 11. I too want to sit and reflect and ponder and seek...instead I find myself picking up this year right where the last left off: chasing after my life, two or three steps behind...

Your verse from Ps. 119 has encouraged me this day in my pursuit...thanks for sharing...

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Chris...What a lovely blog you have! I'm trying to get acquainted with the ladies who write for the Internet Cafe. I look forward to reading your devotionals and visiting your blog often!

Lysa TerKeurst said...

My thought is, when life gets hectic, there's more to write about. I am constantly praying throughout my day for the Lord to speak to me throughout my day. Then I try to write down what He says.

Sometimes it's just a word or two. Other times, pages and pages flow out.

Thanks for taking time to write a little inspiration for us~

Sweet Blessings!