Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer, defined


Susanne said...

What a great pic to show summer! I hope you're having a wonderful one!

Heth said...

Waaah, it's over. Although it feels like summer this weekend, it's so hot!

Anonymous said...

does this mean i have to put my bikini away???? Oh wait i have not worn one of those in...15 years! I too am said it is over, Heth, you can tell yourself what you want honey, it is over. We are full swing into football and school meetings. Only 8 months till April!! (wow after i typed that i almost had a panic attack!!)

Kim said...

I love your defintion.

Great picture!

Kim M.

Kim said...

I love the picture. Our Summer was less exciting. No beach...Gearing up for homeschool.

Love ya
Kim M.