Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We interrupt the mission trip updates to announce:

He finally lost his ONE front tooth!
Don't worry Dad already saw his new smile using Skype and loved it!


Anonymous said...

Oh the excitment of losing a front tooth! You look awesome Hunter!!!
However, eating sweet corn might be a little challenging for you.:) Glad to hear that everything with the missions trip is still going GREAT! Have a great day.

Mocha with Linda said...

Great picture!

Although I do have to tell you that seeing this one-word title in my reader and knowing your husband is in a foreign country on a mission trip made my heart stop for a moment. So glad it's a tooth and not a team member!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH HUNTER!! I did not know it would be possible to be even cuter than you were--but it is!!!

Anonymous said...

Hunter, perfect spot to put your straw! Did you pull it yourself??

Susanne said...

Whoo hoo! Looking good!

Heth said...

Just in time for school! I laughed at Jenni's comment. So true. Might have to cut the corn off the cob this year.