Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Looking Back...

My poor blog. I think those ladies are about to get up from the table leaving nothing but an empty cup. Hopefully, this will give them something to talk about.

Lisa tagged me several weeks ago with an archive meme where I must choose five posts from my archives in the following categories: family, friends, me, something I love, and anything I like, so that you can revisit some posts or perhaps read some posts you've never read.

Family: Yesterday as I pulled up to my usual spot at the crosswalk to pick up Hunter (1st grade) from school. He was busily talking to the other kids and showing them some long strip of paper he had received at school. The teacher who is there everyday raising the "stop" sign so that the children can safely cross the street had to go over to Hunter to get his attention. He turned around and with great shock, (as if I don't come to this same spot every. single. day.) he quickly ran across the street to enter our vehicle. The teacher/crossing guard walked over to my car and said, "I hope you are enjoying this age", I assured her I was. As I drove off I thought about this post written just over a year ago. It was a day I watched my then Kindergarten son do some Puddle Jumping.

Friends: Without even looking back, I know already that I don't post much or at all about my friends. Mostly because who wants to wake up one morning and open up their Bloglines and find a new post at Come to the Table about them unless we had first discussed it of course. So, instead of linking up to one of my old posts, I will send you here to read what God is doing in the life of one of my long time blogging friends.

Me: I still struggle with this, I should re-write this and elaborate more since I know I am not alone here either. And yes, I did this at the same time.

Something I love: I love (in no particular order) this one, this one, this one, these two, and this one.

Anything I want: Just this morning I prayed with a women and said these words again, "He Has Not Forgotten".

If you would like to be tagged consider yourself "it".


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh, that was fun going through those!

Thanks also for your beautiful comment today. "It will become a joy to love him" was so much what I needed and wanted to hear, thank you.

melanie said...

so sweet, i love the pictures of the kids!

Tammy said...

I enjoyed hopping over to some of those, Chris...

Oh wow...that crossing guard's words are echoing in my head even now..."I hope you are enjoying this age".

I am too (my youngest is in Kindergarten) and it's going all too quickly. Today I felt a little PMS'd though and it was all I could do to be this was a great reminder.
I bet your crossing guard didn't know they were speaking not only to you but to who knows how many out here in blogland!


Chris @ Come to the Table said...

You are right, just to think her encouraging words bless many.

I completly understand and relate to difficult days...;)

carolyn said...

I love to see those pictures of the kids. It seems like yesterday I was watching the oldest three run/toddle around the church.

Lisa Spence said...

Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these posts, Chris! Thank you for taking the time to go through your archives, find them, and create the links :)