Friday, August 03, 2007

The Internet Cafe - Happy Camper

A few weeks ago my husband, myself, five very excited children and one happy dog headed out not too far from our home to go camping. We hadn’t “tent” camped since my oldest three were five, three and one. From that experience, I had told myself it would be a long time before we attempted to go camping without a roof over our head. We have been several places in which either a cabin or RV was our dwelling, but out kids wanted to camp with tents.
So we traded our carpeting and wood floors for green grass and our Serta pillow top mattress for the comforts of a leaky air mattress and sleeping bags. I gave up stainless steel appliances for two ice chests, a lovely camp stove and several plastic tubs for washing dishes. The lighting was sunshine and stars amidst seven chairs arranged nicely around the campfire ring and well let’s just say it was a lovely stroll through the trees to the nearest bathrooms with running water. But I loved it! Yes, you read right “I loved it!”

To hear the reason "why?"... join me over at the Internet Cafe today.


Heth said...

Ouch. This was very convicting but also very encouraging. Thanks for opening you heart to us Chris. (Camping isn't always one of my finest moments. HA!)

Tina said...

You're such a trooper! I'm not a great camper, but when we go, the rules have to be to make it fun! Great post!

A Place For Ministry Wives/A Place For Me said...

I am coveting your stainless steel appliances! I know no other ministry wife that has those! :-)

Praise and Coffee said...

What awesome memories you made!!