Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Take Nothing With Us

...But the only hope that I or anyone else can offer is in Christ. He came, lived among us, and suffered a horrific and tragic death, so that I whether given many years on this earth or not, could have life rather than the death that I most certainly deserve. Nothing in this life or on this earth compares to Christ.

I am at the Cafe today. But more importantly my heart aches for those who are experiencing a very difficult loss of a loved one. Katherine at Raising Five and Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary are grieving the tragic loss of their nephew. Amy Wilhoite went home to meet her Savior in glory. She leaves behind a loving husband and baby. Please keep these and their families in your prayers.


Tammy said...

Great word! May we all spend alot of time investing our lives in such a way that our "heavenly suitcase" is filled with the only thing we do take with us.... the souls of others that we've won to Christ. Thanks for such a great, thought provoking post!

Natalie Joy said...

I always enjoy your articles at the cafe. Thanks.