Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend marks the official end of summer even though according to the calendar we still have twenty more days . Today I made a list of small projects that needed to be done and my husband and I tackled them while the kids cleaned their rooms and than played outside. The weather has been utterly gorgeous and perfect for being outdoors.

The kids all seem to be adjusting to their new teachers and schedules and other than his black eye and a busted up lip, my two year old is doing fine.

Today I spent time re-organizing our mud/laundry/grand central station room/entrance from the garage. It is a small space with a lot of activity. It is not only home to the washer and dryer but also is the coat/shoe/backpack/sporting gear/musical instrument pit stop and will soon be the home of snow pants/boots/gloves and any other outer wear. Today I moved out the beach towels and goggles from their summer homes on the hooks to make room for sweatshirts and backpacks. The suntan lotions, beach bags, and pool toys sadly departed for their long winter stay in their new location. I hung some new hooks a friend pointed out at Ikea and love the additional storage it provides. I also hung a new white/message board and this. It is a shower shelf made of black steel that will work great for mail, keys, gloves and best of all looks really cute on the wall.
I cleaned off my bulletin board of all the summer information and replaced it with the lunch menu and school calendar. My in-box is already bursting with school papers for me to review from the first week and a half of school.
We have the schedules, our routine is in place, and I feel a bit more organized. Now, bring on the fall colors, a pot of chili, and lots and lots of football.


Heth said...

Can't wait to see the mudroom transformation. What a great feeling, getting geared up and organized for the next season. Good work!

Susanne said...

I feel the same as you about this being the actual start of fall. But I'm not nearly as ambitious as you this weekend. About all I did was change my purse from my summer white to my red one. :v)

Linda said...

With an empty nest and the temperatures still in the nineties it's hard to feel as though fall is here. But having read your post I think I feel a little more like summer is at an end.
Have a fun holiday weekend!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a productive day :)
well done

pleased your kids are settling into the new schooling year well

Rachel Anne said...

Oh, I am so jealous of your organization effort! Sounds great! I'm ready for fall colors and football, too....and cooler weather. When the temps start dropping, I always feel a burst of energy to clean and organize. Unfortunately, it hasn't hit quite yet!

We had a fun hockey tournament weekend--got nothing done but cheering on our team!

Julee Ann said...

I too, LOVE fall, football, and schedules. Not too sure about empty nest yet, but God has promised not give me anything I can't handle. Nice to meet ya.

Tammy said...

Hi Chris,
It certainly sounds like your family is ready for fall!
We had an unusually cool summer, and now we're having a sudden burst of hot, summer weather! So it's a little hard to feel fallish...we're just starting to feel summerish! LOL

We did do home projects this weekend like you did...
And it's time to start officially home schooling this week, too. But I think we'll be feeling every last day of the calendar summer over here!

Cyndi said...

"Grand Central Station." I just love it! With our a/c out and the warm temps sitting on us, football and chili seem so elusive, but I KNOW they're coming! Thanks for bringing those images to mind!

We're settling into our routine this week, too. Though I've been grading papers and trying to get back in the groove, it's a bit like putting on a comfy, familiar pair of slippers. Aaaaahhhhh. ;)