Saturday, June 16, 2007

Internet Cafe

Today I am over at CWO's Internet Cafe. Summer is a time for Vacation Bible School. Ours begins on Monday. Whether held in a large building with hundreds of children or in the neighborhood backyard with a half dozen kids, VBS is a wonderful opportunity to bring the gospel message to our children.

So, I wanted to share a simple letter my husband shared with our congregation a few months back on the impact the loving touch and concern two very special people had on his life.

("Papa & Mama" Kiemel as my husband so fondly refers to them as are the parents of authors Ann Kiemel Anderson and Jan Kiemel Ream.)


Natalie Joy said...

WOW!! I must have missed that Sunday. Thanks for sharing it.

Linda said...

That was a beautiful letter Chris. We just never know the impact we are having on the lives of others.
I read all of Ann Kiemel's books and then she just seemed to disappear. I wondered what had happened. It's nice to read about her parents.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't think of anyone that influenced me to become a Christian. But when Pastor challenged us, there was one woman that has had a tremendous impact on my spiritual walk. Without her encouragement and support, I may never have experienced the freedom in Christ that I enjoy. I took the opportunity to tell her so. I encourage others to do the same.

Grace Bower said...

How can I read the letter? I tried to find it but no good! I have sent a FB to Jan as I visited with her in Cleveland 15 years ago when I was over from NZ