Monday, March 23, 2009

Beginning with the end

In the midst of a very busy season of life I have been completely captivated by the study of the book of Esther. This morning I finished my last few days of homework and I cried. The journey has been incredibly personal for me. One in which I know I need to record but I am deeply afraid.

So, I begin with the end. "God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes." (Psalm 18:24, The Message)

This is the last verse in our homework. In session three way back on January 20th, one of the many things that has caused me to look more intently at my life was her point "Remember, destiny appoints one but affects many." She shared this in context to Esther and what she was facing in chapter four. She went on to share, "The revelation of a person's destiny always demands a revelation of the person. Consider the wording "if you remain silent at this time." The Hebrew word translated silent in this verse can also be translated conceal."

Beth Moore went on to share, "One of the most important parts of fulfilling our destiny is transparency and it is extremely risky!"

So, back to the verse in Psalm 18:24. It took me back to a girl who sat on the edge of her bed in a humble bedroom at a tender and very influential age who decided that she would follow God no matter what. Little did she know what this decision would require. As the years have gone by, and so much has taken place, I can still see in myself this young girl, but I also see a woman who has "remained silent". I don't know yet what God wants me to say. I am absolutely afraid to open my mouth. But I have completely entrusted my heart to Him, and I know He can handle my mouth.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Can't wait to hear what He speaks through you.

Missed you, my friend.

Mocha with Linda said...

Looking forward to hearing more.

I have indeed loved the Esther study as well. Next week is our last one.

IAnd I even caught myself using a chiastic structure in my post Wednesday or Thursday!

Nicole said...

speak away my friend, I am always listening with complete attention. You are a wise woman and I am always ready to soak up any wisdom you are willing to share!!! This study has change my life, it has changed me, made me think, made me cry, and brought so many of us together!! I am so glad that Heth texted me the first night and told me how much i was missing, and i never missed another night (with the exception when i was 100 miles away)

it was simply amazing!

Heth said...

This has been a study that I could stand to just do over and over again. It's been amazing. God has shown us all so much.

carolyn said...

I think I know what book I am going to bring on my getaway this weekend. And I too am waiting to hear what the Lord has to speak through you.

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate you!!! God always blows me away by His perfect timing. He brought this study just when we all needed it. You have been an amazing teacher...but more importantly an amazing friend to all of us. I pray that God blesses you and returns to you what you've given to us. Love you... see you tonight :)

Melissa said...

Glad to see you back, Chris! This sounds like an amazing study. Can't wait to read more from you.

Lisa Spence said...

Somehow I missed this post in my reader? I am excited to boast in the Lord with you as you experience His faithful provision even when it seems risky! Thanks for your transparency...Speak on, sister!

Amie said...

Your honesty is such a blessing, Chris. I love reading your posts.

melanie said...

it was a great study.. even tho i couldn't be totally engaged.
i love the visual she painted of standing before God and He unrolling our scroll for all to hear how He rescued us from the bad guy. He is truly worthy.
love to you.

Claire said...

Great thoughts.