Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's not about me

Yesterday I had one of those very sobering days when the reality of life as others have and are experiencing it through their grief, their hurt, their pain, their illness, their lack, and even their sin was heavy on my heart. It is so easy to go about life and lose sight of what others are carrying around in their own heart and only be consumed with myself and what I need to get done or where I need to be.

It all started with Beth Moore and so many of the things she said as we walked through Daniel chapter 11 together. I wrote this real big in my notes, "If we miss the sacrificial life, we miss our calling." (Romans 12:1) The theme that has ran through this entire study has been, "it's not about us." Our post modern Christian culture wants to understand people quickly, provide a quick solution and keep everything organized and comfortable. Jesus never said it would be easy, but instead He gave us many examples of how much it would cost. Our culture screams as it must have in Babylon to take care of yourself, think of yourself, self, self, self. Let's be honest we are obsessed with our self. And therefore if we don't like it, or how it makes us feel we look for something else. And as Beth Moore so beautifully stated, "spiritual gifts take time to grow and mature and surprise it's not about you."

As my day continued on, it was a email, a phone call, a conversation of what others are facing and how completely selfish I feel at times for worrying about my little pinkie problems of the day when others are experiencing a mountain of pain, worry and grief. From a very broken and lost young woman, to a sweet momma sitting by her daughter's side, to the suffering of those watching loved ones fight for their life, to this precious mother whose grief I don't pretend to understand. I asked her if I could send a link her way and she said, "it would be completely fine." So, today would you all take a few minutes and read Amie's post. But don't just read it, leave her a note of encouragement.

I pray that like the woman at Bethany my life and yours would be poured out, completely empty of ourselves and a living sacrifice for Him. It's not about me.


melanie said...

It's not about us. Such a head thing- to truly give our life away. But when it hits the heart and it all comes back to Him, I realize how selfish that I.

Heth said...

I have got to get that DVD. Beautiful post Chris.

Lisa Spence said...