Saturday, July 05, 2008

What is normal?

I have been asked this question a lot lately, "are things starting to get back to normal?" And I am not sure quite how to answer it. It depends on what someone is looking for. If they are wondering if everything is the same as it was one month ago, my answer would be "no, it will never be the same, nor should it."

I am often perplexed as a Christian when we want things back to the way we think they should be. When I have tried to create some sort of "normal" and label it as a standard for living.

I have been speaking to my children about this over these past several weeks. Life has been anything but normal for us, for them, and yet I don't want them to miss what God is doing through it. We don't get to choose our tomorrow. Only God knows what it will bring. We must learn to trust! Each day as I sit with my bible on my lap, my pen and journal in hand, and a heart that cries out to the Lord for those in need, I am not the same, I don't look at "things" the same, and I am thankful for the things that floods can't wash away, destroy, or change.

Today my house is quiet for the first time in weeks. It is in need of some cleaning and there are things in places that are not normal. And yet I wouldn't change any of it. We have had others living with us, people stop in and join us for a meal, and others invited over for a time of refreshing and prayer. The opening and closing of doors has not stopped. And even though my physical body is tired, my heart is full.

So, to answer their question..."no, things are not back to normal and I hope they never get there." But I do pray for two very special women in particular. Their lives have been turned upside down by the flood. I know they would do anything for "normal". They are hanging on and holding fast to the truth that God is the ...blessed controller of all things.


Linda said...

What beautiful truths Chris. I am constantly amazed at the way the Lord seems to be running this "theme" of surrender and trust through so many of our lives. The circumstances are so varied, but the heart-cry of the Father is the same - "Do you love Me enough to trust Me? Will you surrender all that you hold most dear into My hands."
You inspire and encourage me. I pray He will pour out His blessings on you and your family as you love and serve in His name.

melanie said...

Great post Chris. Completely my heart lately and my kids'. Seems whenever things are "normal", there is a season of change around the bend. This season has been one of dependency and He has filled the role of Father in huge ways. Blessings to you for all you do!

Sandy said...

Hi Chris, wow, I was just catching up on your posts. Yah, now I know what you mean by normal! It's just good to be thankful for life and what we have. Great reminder.

Hang in there girl!

Amie said...

AMEN! I know with Andy, I longed for normal...but realizing that change - no matter how drastic - can be such a blessing in the strangest ways. Normal is comfortable, and comfortable is not a place we should get to.

Cyndi said...

Though I'm not going through anything resembling what you and your community have been in recent weeks, I know what you mean about "normal." I think for me , longing for "normal" means longing for something I can predict, understand, or control. So much of life does NOT fall into any of those categories, though! But God can do all three of those things and loves me with a love from which nothing can separate me. How I praise Him for giving me grace in all times... "normal" or not.

I have been praying for your family and your community.

carolyn said...

I have been praying for you and your town. It is obvious the Lord has placed you and your family where you are, to be his hands and feet. And I know He will continue to sustain you.

Judy said...

This post is rich, Chris. Bless you for your friendship and sisterhood to many, and the stirring that occurs within from the thoughts and truths you share. You are truly a gem.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Excellent true and poignant